Thursday, April 19, 2012

Voter registration 2012


This is a message from the Dallas County Elections Administrator:  Attention ALL currently registered voters of Dallas County:  Once you are a registered voter, your voting privileges DO NOT EXPIRE!! No matter what you hear – ONCE A REGISTERED VOTER – STILL A REGISTERED VOTER, as long as you remain a resident of the County! If you are currently a registered voter and have NOT moved you will receive your NEW Voter’s certificate by April 25th. 


PLEASE disregard ALL emails instructing you on how to vote!! We repeat, if you haven’t moved OUT OF COUNTY you are STILL REGISTERED TO VOTE! Even if you need to update your information – you ARE STILL ELIGIBLE TO VOTE!!  Go to and click “voter registration status” to get all the details you need, OR call our 24/7 voter hotline at 214.819.6300.  Do not be mislead!  IF YOU STILL LIVE IN THE COUNTY, YOU ARE STILL REGISTERED TO VOTE! For everything you need to know, call 214.819.6300 – again, 214.819.6300 IF YOU ARE REGISTERED TO VOTE AND STILL LIVE IN THE COUNTY, YOU ARE STILL ELIGIBLE TO VOTE!

 Maria Arita
PIO/Community Liaison
Dallas County Commissioners Court