Monday, April 23, 2012

Damarcus Offord will serve the District 9 community

Mayor Mke Rawlings has announced his endorsement of school board candidates. This confirms the Mayor's intention to continue meddling into the affairs of an "independent" school district  with no authority under state law.  

Damarcus Offord is a candidate for Dallas ISD - District 9 trustee.

Damarcus Offord is a former member of the Dallas ISD Teen School Board.  I remember how he showed leadership ability and genuine concern for public education.  His peers allowed him to lead their Teen School Board project for two straight years. He was active and engaged. He observed school board meetings and became concerned.

I personally advised Damarcus Offord not to run for the school board. I recommended that he complete his education and enjoy the years of college study. However, he made the decision  to run.

While Damarcus Offord is a young man, he has the caring heart of a public servant. I believe he will be a servant leader. School Trustees are provided excellent training by the Texas Association of School Boards. All Trustees of any age and regardless of background are required to receive yearly training. And it never ends. 

If elected, Damarcus Offord will be the youngest school board Trustee in Dallas ISD history.

I believe he will be a sincere and independent Trustee of District 9.