Thursday, April 12, 2012

SHW group architects of Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Collegiate Academy nominated for coveted James D. MacConnell Award in educational facility design

SHW group, the architecture firm that designed Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Collegiate Academy has been nominated for the coveted James D. MacConnell Award in the field of educational facility design. Dr. MacConnell is considered The Father of educational facility planning.

The school is a Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) project. CHPS criteria included features for improved health, productivity and student performance, decreased operating costs, and increased energy savings.

The design team conducted an intensive visioning process, involving designers, programmers, administrators, teachers and students, to determine how the facility could best meet the needs of teachers, students, community members, area businesses, and partnering colleges.

A pedestrian-friendly walk up not only contributes to the collegiate feel but also allows easy access for the large number of students who utilize public transportation.
TEA Recognized