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Superintendent Mike Miles and Sierra students

Sierra students walk out

Posted by Chet Hardin on Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 11:55 AM

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Mike Miles

  • Mike Miles
"The Sentinel, the news outlet for Sierra High in the Harrison School District 2, is reporting that a large group of students walked out of class this morning in protest over staffing issues.
At 9:00AM on September 15th, 2011, a crowd of a few hundred kids walked out of their classes today in protest the numerous of the rule changes and teacher relocation’s. They started their protest across the street from Sierra, but was eventually moved to the school auditorium so they didn’t disturb the local residents.
Superintendent Mike Miles, and the school's principal, Sean Shields, took the opportunity to briefly address the frustrated students, according to The Sentinel. "

Mike miles is a product of authoritarianism. His background as a virtual dictator ("the little general" was his nickname )is entirely wrong in a system trying to promote critical thinking and democracy. Fuhrer miles, this is a school...not a tank battalion. The students walking out of class is VERY telling in a district mired in dysfunction, cronyism, and over paid administrators.
Posted by cheshirecats on October 5, 2011 at 5:43 PM

I am beyond proud at the actions of these Sierra students. Not only are they standing up for their own well-being in a positive, peaceful way, but they are also standing up for the rights of their teachers. These are the types of kids who will make the world a better place because of their compassion and moral-compass.

As another commenter mentioned, no one can really believe what happens in District 2 unless they have students in the system or work there themselves. I knew in the first month that D2 is a toxic environment - not only for teachers, but for students, families, and the community. I spent my year in a constant state of shock, because I couldn't fathom how more people weren't up in arms about the way Mike Miles and BOE allow children and teachers to be blatantly disrespected. I couldn't understand why rooms full of people would clap for him when he said inane things like, "We will raise our graduation rate. We're also going to start holding students back." If you know anything about education, you know he is full of bull.

I did figure it out, though - why people stand by and let this happen. When I started interviewing for a position outside of D2, I was alerted by one of my references from a previous school that the Admin at my school had given me a scathingly bad reference (btw, I got the job anyway). The Admin proceeded to not call back for reference checks for several other teachers leaving the school - costing them new jobs. Mike Miles hires Administration who are gutless, power-hungry cowards. He makes sure that they are the type of people willing to put children & teachers in unhealthy environments and then punish those teachers who refuse to do the same. It is disgusting.

By the way, TJ, everyone has a right to an opinion, but that doesn't mean that you're right. Not only was your opinion made without enough information, but you failed to even try to consider a different point of view. It sounds to me like the "crack down" you received in High School was actually a disservice to you. A *good* education would have taught you more critical thinking skills.
Posted by Former D2 teacher on September 23, 2011 at 6:38 PM

Mr. Spader does NOT have all the facts, if he did he would not make such uneducated and disrespectful remarks. That being said, as a former D2 employee who was treated very unjustly because of Mike Miles and his underhanded tactics and blatant disrespect for employees who gave so much of themselves to their jobs, I hope to sit and watch Mike get his professional reputation trashed the same way he has done to so many. I know that there will be MANY former employees who will sit by, watch and feel vindicated as Mike Miles finally gets a taste of his own medicine.
Posted by Sandyeggo on September 23, 2011 at 2:32 PM
I m so happy to have a place to vent..something MUST be done!!!!! my heart bleeds for all the students affected by this "change" and the poor, beaten, fearful, disgraced teachers who feel"up against a wall" M Miles sways data, puts undo pressure on administrators, and, for someone trying to improve graduation rates, didn t even attend either H S graduations last spring!!!! I was a piece of the puzzle..and have witnessed many wrongdoings. Employees/students feel beaten and fearful. A mass exodus of employees and students should raise some eyebrows..WHY?????????
Posted by Linda Rossetti on September 23, 2011 at 11:20 AM
I am somebody who just quit Harrison after 6 years of service (hard work) with not even a goodbye from administrators. There were 16 employees that left on their own accord as well. Some left education all together. This has been tragic to say the least and I am happy to say I have found work teaching in a much healthier environment where teachers get treated with some dignity. I still have nightmares about teaching in district 2 and can't believe it has become such a toxic environment for all involved. Disgusting!!!!
Posted by Licia Rossetti on September 23, 2011 at 9:04 AM
funny how quick people(Tj Spader) are to talk crap about people, students, teachers and parents standing up to this bully. how would any of you know the conditions around the district if you don't have kids in it, or work in it. how do you know, cause of hearsay that's old rumors circulating for years. these schools have a overblown reputation, and like in any case the teachers can only do so much, it comes down to parents. teachers can't follow the kids home and force them to take their academics up a notch, study at home, homework, etc..the other schools don't have teachers walking out, students walking out, teachers comming and going like an amusement park.
Anyone else who wants him gone, join our facebook page Mike Miles-Vote Him Out
Posted by Mike Miles-Vote Him Out on September 22, 2011 at 11:57 AM

I taught in D2 for four years, last year I was at Sierra, and I want to say publicly:
  GO STALLIONS!!! I'm proud to have known you.

My position was eliminated due to budget constraints, and, while no one wants to face unemployment in this economy, in was glad to leave the district.  I was only sad about leaving the kids.

The problems at Sierra (and Harrison) are real. I do not disagree with the need for accountability for teachers and students, but excessive testing to produce data, which is then used punitively has created such a culture of fear and stress, that real education/learning is not possible.

There are senate bills (191?) in place that require teacher evaluation be partially based on student achievement - this is what the future holds in store for all school districts in Colorado. Hopefully other districts will find ways of collecting the necessary data, without stressing out the students and educators to the degree that HSD2 has.

Miles is a politician, he wanted to be a trendsetter in education.  Hopefully, he will be remembered for what not to do. I agree with the comment above calling out to parents: Listen to the children (sorry guys, but you are the children of the parents in HSD2)!  the teachers have been trying to tell you for years  - what is going on is not okay.

Take back the Board of Education, get rid of Miles, put "Kids First" for real!!!!

- an educator who is still afraid to use her name...
Posted by Ex-D2 educator on September 18, 2011 at 7:27 PM
I just graduated from Sierra last year, before the new principal Shields was there. From what I hear, Shields is a good guy, but Miles is no good. The restrooms stalls don't even have doors on them, lunch is about 40 minutes long, with so many students trying to eat lunch, some of them never eat, they are firing good innocent teachers. I was outraged to see my old english teacher be fired, he was by far one of the nicest teachers I've ever had the privelege to learn under, and there he is being fired by some prick who doesn't even care.

I feel horrible knowing my little brother still attends Sierra as a sophomore, it's only going to go downhill from here, treat your staff and students with disrespect, no wonder why they don't wanna attend school, you can go sip water and laugh at yourself elsewhere, not where the futures of many kids are being made.

@TJ, your opinion is nice and all, but until you have first hand experience and not just "hear about things done in Colorado springs " your opinion is vague and irrelevant. I went to Sierra for four years, just graduated luckily before all this happened, students are people too, they are the next generation and they are at school to learn. They went on strike because they realized things are being ran wrong, they didn't leave and go home when they walked out, they sat there and protested for THEIR EDUCATION, for the teachers sake, if they didn't care and were " bad kids " they all would have went home and had a " who cares "attitude. They even went back to class after they made their point.
Posted by Graduated from Sierra last year on September 18, 2011 at 2:36 AM
This is the way he behaves when he doesn't respect people. He doesn't care about kids. He cares about himself. He laughs to himself because there is no one to hold him accountable. He has the board in his backpocket ... along with a newspaper which shall go unnamed. He will continue to do what he's doing until the PARENTS and VOTERS in District 2 kick him out once and for all. YOU had the chance to do this last year, and you voted back the same weak board members who sign Mike Miles' paycheck. It's about time the community realized what is going on. The teachers have been trying to get your attention for YEARS, and this is the first time the community finally backed the people who are in the classroom EVERYDAY with your children.
Posted by jamieleerae on September 15, 2011 at 10:43 PM
Were any representatives from the meeting at the board meeting? The public needs to see how smug this man is and how little he actually cares about the development and success of the HSD2 students.
Posted by Courtney Cook on September 15, 2011 at 9:08 PM
I really dislike how miles is making not only the advanced but all students feel uneducated... and it is like we are traveling back to elementary learning.. I already graduated from there and middle school as well it would be nice if he would stop messing with my chance of graduating high school!
Posted by Qwaneche Mcleod on September 15, 2011 at 8:40 PM
when attending the board meeting, all the superintendent did was drink his water and laugh, like it was joke,never made any comments, why because all he is worried about is his kids going to district 20 and they going to harvard, and if the kids at sierra don't like it there to go to widefield, what type of individual is this, they all need to be voted out of there position, what they actually need is to take dr. judith smith out of retirement and put her back at sierra, so the students feel wanted again, so that way the students do not feel as though they are being discriminated, because they are part of district 2
Posted by someone that cares on September 15, 2011 at 8:00 PM