Friday, October 31, 2008

Ethics Reform To End Trustee Contracts Undermined By 5-4 Vote of Board Majority

The good ol' boy system for Trustees is still safe at Dallas ISD.

Last night, the Board voted 5-4 to keep it in place for all time - until an ethical Board is elected that will do the right thing and stop it.

The Superintendent cannot have contracts with Dallas ISD.

Employees cannot have contracts with Dallas ISD.

But Trustees still can.

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The Board majority says it is still okay for elected Trustees to have contracts with the same district they were elected to serve.

Five Trustees voted to put the private gain of Trustees ahead of their responsibility to protect the public interest and uphold public trust.

Another clear example of how a wrongheaded board operates.

The President of the Board previously said he would stay out of it. Instead, he voted. He voted for a revised policy that will keep the checks going to his company.

The Board President acted unethically in voting for a policy that allows his personal arrangement to continue. He should have abstained.

Five Trustees cannot bring themselves to end unethical profiting of Trustees at the public horseshoe because their political agenda is more important than true ethics reform.

... Another very clear indication that the wrong people are in charge.

Voting to Keep Trustee Contracts
Jack Lowe
Edwin Flores
Nancy Bingham
Jerome Garza
Leigh Ann Ellis

Voting Against Trustee Contracts
Adam Medrano
Lew Blackburn
Ron Price
Carla Ranger