Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dallas ISD Students Speak About Their Concerns But Must 'Press On'

Angelica Perez formerly attended Spruce High School before it was dismantled on a 5-4 Board vote.

Voting for dismantling Spuce High School - Lowe, Bingham, Garza, Price, Flores
Voting against dismantling Spruce High School - Blackburn, Ellis, Medrano, Ranger

I remember Angelica well.

She fought extremely hard to save her High School. Angelica was the Student Council President and a cheerleader. She now attends Sunset High School.

In a Dallas Morning News article, Angelica Perez and other students discuss their fears relating to the current financial crisis.

You must 'Press On' Angelica in spite of these challenges. You can reach your goals.

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