Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Teacher's Life

What is the daily life of a teacher?

I remember my days as a first year college teacher. While a bit different from K-12, there is a core of experience that is probably common to teachers at all levels.

Each student is unique and they come in all levels of motivation and ability. A teacher's role is not so much to define young people with labels but to share their full measure of support with all students.

A Dallas area teacher describes this in Newsweek - October 20, 2008:
"As a teacher, I face many stereotypes about my job. But I wouldn't trade my career for any other."

We are a profession of lifelong learners ...

Teaching isn't simply perching at a lecturn and pontificating
to hungry minds; it's being an educator, a mentor, a nurse, a
social worker, a friend, a diplomat and an expert on the curriculum.
In short, we are professionals."
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