Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Superintendent's Performance Review Ad Hoc Committee Meeting

This reminded me of an effort I made almost two months ago to address the issue of the Superintendent's yearly performance evaluations. The email below was sent to Board President Jack Lowe on August 21, 2008, along with a copy to all Trustees and the Superintendent.

I requested a meeting between the Superintendent and all Trustees.

The request was ignored and never answered.

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The Agenda - Superintendent's Performance Review Ad Hoc Committee Meeting - Thursday, October 16, 2008 - 5:00 P.M.

I will also point out that the scheduling of the meeting this week was handled in a way that might have violated the Texas Open Meetings Act. Board decisions to schedule such a performance review must be made in public. This decision was made in private.

Committees are usually structured to control the result.


From: Carla Ranger
To: Jack Lowe
Date: Thursday, August 21, 2008
Subject: Mid Year Review of Superintendent Michael Hinojosa by the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees conducted on August 15

The information received concerns me greatly. I do not agree with the Mid-Year Review.

The review does not include the full range of opinion of all Board members.

This continues the practice of autocratic Board governance which appears to be designed to achieve a particular result you desire as Board President by excluding others from full participation who have a different viewpoint.

The final draft of the Mid-Year Review was to be provided to all Trustees before any discussion with the Superintendent.

The document you have now given to the Superintendent implies unanimous agreement with the comments you drafted. There is not unanimous agreement with this Review document.

All Trustees did not see this final document before it was discussed in your private meeting with the Superintendent. This is clearly disrespectful of the right of all Trustees to also fully participate in such an important discussion with the Superintendent.

I request a meeting between the Superintendent and all Trustees that provides the opportunity for every Trustee to deliver their own concerns directly to the Superintendent.

All Trustees should be present for every discussion with the Superintendent that relates to a Mid-Year or any Review or Annual Evaluation - unless they decide not to do so.

Trustees should also meet at the beginning of the new school year to discuss the format to be used for the 2008 Annual Evaluation to occur later this year in order to have a greatly improved and comprehensive 2008 evaluation process that is not rushed and correctly reflects the opinions and concerns of all elected Trustees.

I would also like a discussion of the Board President's authority and what I believe to be an abuse of the position and the manner in which all Trustees are not kept fully informed by the President and other such matters.

I have previously requested this discussion.


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