Saturday, November 1, 2008

Change In Education - The Next President

Vote Tuesday, November 4, for the President of your choice.

I voted on the first day of Early Voting at the downtown Dallas County Records Building.

Whoever wins, there will be a change in national educational policy - maybe good, maybe not so good.

My hope is that the 'test,test,test' philosophy of the No Child Left Behind Act will be left behind.

I do not believe this 'test and punish' Act is in the best interest of our children.

No Child Left Behind unnecessarily labels students and schools as 'failures' and orders very destructive remedies - including the forced takeover of public schools.

It would be better to start over with something better that upholds a much more positive approach to needed change in education.

Defining schools and teachers as 'failures' based on the testing industry is not the answer.

We need a different more progressive policy that will support excellence in education and recognize that the Classroom Teacher is the Master of ' Teaching and Learning', not the testing business, Legislators, Superintendents, or Trustees.

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