Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TEA Commissioner Robert Scott Visits Dallas ISD

It is hard to do the right thing when the wrong people are in charge.

Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott met with Superintendent Michael Hinojosa and others last Friday, October 24, 2008 at 3:00 P.M. It was an important update discussion.

I heard a lot more 'straight talk' from some of the legislators present - the kind that is seldom heard at the Dallas ISD Board Horseshoe.

An important comment by Commissioner Scott was reported in the next morning news:

"Mr. Scott said after the meeting in response to reporter's questions that it's up to the Dallas School Board to determine whom to hold responsible for the financial crisis."
"I'm the leader of an agency; the buck stops with me," he said, as he stood at a podium with a couple of state legislators. "If my agency makes a mistake, these members of the Legislature and many others will hold me accountable for it."
"State Rep. Tony Goolsby of Dallas emerged from the meeting saying he still has concerns, and added that administrators "danced around a lot."

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Yes, Dallas ISD 'dances around a lot' while the district is damaged one mistake at a time.

The latest news is that teachers are being hired again - just days after many good teachers were dismissed. We have seen children crying for teachers who now live with uncertain futures.

We have a very serious mis-management problem.

Still, the Dallas ISD Trustees hold no one accountable. The buck doesn't stop - it dances.

That happens when the wrong people are in charge and personal agendas are more important than public trust.