Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Saving Dollars Or Saving Schools?

The Board has had this latest disaster for three weeks. Three whole weeks to gather information and consider how to adopt a sound solution based on fairness and Dallas ISD policy DFF (Local).

Some information has been requested which has not been received. Addional information is still being sought.

Can dollars be saved without destroying schools?

That is the $64 Million, $84 Million, $148 Million dollar question. Which is it? As usual, nobody seems to really know.

The decisions are not simple or easy - they are difficult.

Real people with real responsibilities will be greatly damaged by decisions that must now be made.

These decisions must be fair and even, not arbitrary and petty. There must be a standard to be followed by all - not just a quick fix that attempts to merely hide the financial mismanagement.

The problem will still be there.

No, there are no easy answers, but there are answers that can be implemented in a way that creates a more just result for all employees.

Simply rubberstamping decisions is a recipe for further disaster.

That is exactly how we got here. The wrong decisions were made as a result of not asking the right questions at the right time.