Friday, October 3, 2008

Hard Day At The Horseshoe

Thursday was a hard day at the Dallas ISD Board meeting horseshoe.

The lives of many dedicated, loyal, and totally innocent employees will be changed forever by the decisions made today.

The business before the Board:

Consideration and Possible Approval of Resolution Directing the
Administration to Implement a Reduction in Force for Employees

Motion made to adopt the resolution by Jerome Garza.

Seconded by Ron Price.

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CBS11TV: 3:55 PM: School Board Trustee Ron Price urges the board to act today on the proposed layoffs. Price says if the board fails to act today, the Texas Education Agency is almost certain to intervene and take over DISD.

Voting for a Reduction in Force: Lowe, Garza, Flores, Ellis, Medrano

Voting against a Reduction in Force: Blackburn, Ranger

Abstaining: Ron Price

Absent and not voting: Nancy Bingham

The Board discussion lasted for over three hours. Many issues were addressed. Others were not.

In the end, the vote supported a Reduction in Force. A vote, I believe, made before more good teachers could be saved.

Last week CFO Steve Korby confirmed that to delay would not cost significantly more money. In fact the $1 million per week spending would continue through December or early January, the date agreed upon by the administration to continue paying teachers who would be victims of the RIF.

The real tragedy - this day at the Board horseshoe did not have to come. This day did not have to be.

It is a day that I will remember forever.