Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oak Cliff Super Bowl Sees Carter Cowboys Win Over Kimball Knights

Ask District 6 high school students, parents or fans, "Where was the big football game today?" They'll tell you, "Kincaide Stadium -- The Oak Cliff Super Bowl."

This match up of the David W. Carter Cowboys vs the Justin F. Kimball Knights is a highly anticipated annual event. The game has been played for the past eight years in memory of the late Dallas ISD Coach James Jones.

Coach Jones would have been proud of the way both teams performed. Throughout the game it was obvious that all players and their coaches were charged, ready and determined.

Kimball Knights in full armour battled well. But Carter Cowboys prevailed, 39 to 16.

Along with Mrs. Alvanetta Jones, Coach Jones' widow, and his family, during a closing ceremony I was delighted to congratulate both teams for their sportsmanship and participation and to present the Super Bowl trophy to the Carter Cowboys.