Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dallas ISD Budget Workshop today at 3:00 P.M.

Board of Trustees Budget Workshop
Agenda and Notice
Thursday, May 30, 2013 at 3:00 p.m.
Board Room or the Ada L. Williams Auditorium
3700 Ross Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204

The Board shall govern and oversee the management of the public schools of the District.  Education Code 11.151(b)

Vision: Dallas ISD seeks to be a premier urban school district
Mission: Educating All Students for Success

•   The Dallas Independent School District is home to two of the top 10 schools in the United States.

The Dallas Independent School District's most recent four year graduation rate is nearly 77%, up from 62.5 three years earlier.






If, during the course of the meeting covered by this Notice, the Board of Trustees should determine that a closed meeting or session of the Board of Trustees is required, then such closed executive meeting or session as authorized by the Texas Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code Section 551.001 et seq., will be held by the School Board at the date, hour, and place given in this Notice or as soon after the commencement of the meeting covered by this Notice as the School Board may conveniently meet in such closed or executive meeting or session concerning any and all purposes permitted by the Act, including, but not limited to the following sections and purposes:

Texas Government Code Section:

Private consultation with Board’s attorney.
Discussing purchase, exchange, lease, or value of real property.
Discussing negotiated contracts for prospective gifts or donations.
Discussing personnel or to hear complaints against personnel.
Considering the deployment, specific occasions for, or implementation of, security personnel or devices.
Considering discipline of a public school child, or complaint or charge against personnel.
Considering the standards, guidelines, terms, or conditions the Board will follow, or will instruct its representatives to follow, in consultation with representatives of employee groups.
Excluding witnesses from a hearing.

Should any final action, final decision, or final vote be required in the opinion of the School Board with regard to any matter considered in such closed or executive meeting or session, then the final action, final decision, or final vote shall be either:

(a)          in the open meeting covered by the Notice upon the reconvening of the public meeting; or
(b)          at a subsequent public meeting of the School Board upon notice thereof, as the School Board shall determine.

Authorized and Approved by ___________________________________ on _____________
                                                         Board President or Designee                            Date

Authorized and Approved by ___________________________________ on _____________
                                                  Superintendent of Schools or Designee                  Date

In keeping with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Sign language interpreters are available for this meeting upon twenty-four hour notice to the Board Services Office, (972) 925-3720. The Board of Trustees of the Dallas Independent School District reserves the right to waive any of its policies and/or a part of this agenda, pursuant to policy BF (Local). Meetings are televised live on Time Warner Cable System on Cable Channels 98, 491, and 492 and on AT&T Uverse Channel 99 (select- Dallas, -Channel 98).

Para cumplir con la ley de los estadounidenses con discapacidades, los intérpretes de lenguaje de señas están disponibles para esta reunión solicitándolos con 24 horas de anticipación a la oficina de servicios de la Junta Escolar, al teléfono (972) 925-3720. La Junta Escolar del Distrito Escolar Independiente de Dallas se reserva el derecho de prescindir de cualquiera de sus normas y/o una parte de la presente orden del día, según la norma BF (Local).  Las reuniones son televisadas en vivo por el sistema de cable Time Warner en los canales 98, 491 y 492 y en AT&T Uverse canal 99 (Seleccione-Dallas, -canal 98).


Student Activities Budget Proposal Documentation

Visual and Performing Arts Budget Proposal Documentation


Athletic Budget Proposal Documentation