Friday, May 3, 2013

Citizen complaint to trustees

From: __________
Sent: Thursday, May 02, 2013 9:41 PM
To: Morath, Mike;; Ranger, Carla; Bingham, Nancy; Cowan, Eric; Elizabeth Jones; Medrano, Adam;;
Subject: Dallas ISD Trustees

Recently I read in the Dallas Morning News your newly appointed Superintendent would be making his decision on the status of the "Questionable" Principals known publicly on May 10 or 11, 2013.  

I do not know what your thoughts or feelings are as relates to his "EVALUATION PLAN"  to determine the worthiness of these individuals.  I am sure each of you are aware that "YOU" were "ELECTED"  to oversee the direction and activities of our schools.

I am equally positive that you are aware of the short comings in our district.  I also read in a school news letter that our children had made great progress on the STAAR test.  If you cannot see the progress being made without any of Mr. Miles evaluations and you allow him to come in and disrupt the system lower the morale of the employees, disrespect YOU and YOUR ability to manage. You must be tired of holding your position as Trustees and not interested in returning to this position after this tenure. You certainly cannot have the "BEST" interest of our children in mind. 

How you allowed the policy to remain in effect that will allow a Superintendent to be in a position where you cannot control his actions really puzzles me.   I set and listened to you debate/discuss/ argue or act as unprofessional on several issues in your last board meeting and I was dumbfounded. It is apparent your right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. Sending memos to some and not all of the members on matters that everyone is expected to vote on is totally unprofessional. You expect our school principals to do a job without the materials/faculty or support needed.

How do you expect your principals to perform at their best when they are without adequate staff or they have to spend half the day taking care of health issues that should be done by someone else.  Not to mention the pressure of not knowing if they will have a job or not because a unfair evaluation process has been put into place by someone who has dismantled the complete system before getting his certification to evaluate anyone. Using a tool that was neither fair or honest and certainly without proper time to make justifiable decisions.

Did you see the mess he left in Colorado, have you listened to the voices of his peers. I have and they aren't voices that say he can handle the job.  I am sure there are many who will argue the point, as in any situation you have Pro's and Con's, but he has proven those against him were justified by the actions he has taken since he has been here. His personal interest alone should have made him ineligible for the job or he should have been required to relinquish his part of the company before being offered the job. That would have at least made it "LOOK" fair. 

I hope you will not allow him to complete this evaluation and I trust you will look at your current policies and make the necessary corrections where needed. I trust you like your job and care enough for the kids to give the citizens of Dallas a REASON to keep you in office and if you plan to leave anyway good.

I plan to fight untiringly to see you lose any future election you appear in if you allow Mr. Miles to railroad our principals out of office. They should have at least the equipment, materials and staff to do the job before any talk of replacing any of them. 

Thank you for your time and I do hope to see each of you back in the position you are now, because of your interest in our children and doing the  "RIGHT THING."