Thursday, April 18, 2013

NSBA President wants to ‘change the conversation’ about public schools

"School board members have watched the efforts to privatize public education through vouchers and charter schools, and they’ve seen the authority of local school governance eroded by the decisions of state and federal policymakers.
David A. Pickler - New NSBA President
"They’ve also watched public education put on the defensive in national debates—and heard the arguments that the nation’s public schools are failing and school boards are obstacles to reform.

"But none of this will go unchallenged in the future, NSBA’s new president, David A. Pickler, told attendees at the closing General Session of the annual conference."


"The time has come, he said, “to change the conversation—to shape the debate, to challenge the convention wisdom, to confront those who seek to control the agenda, to privatize, to profit, and to usurp” the role of local school governance."

"That spirit exists in school board members, he said. “We as public education leaders have a responsibility to join the fight for this unique American institution of public education … to fight for the civil rights of each child… to fight for local decision-making for local schools.”

"Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan seems to want to set up a Federal Board of Education with himself as Chair."