Friday, April 26, 2013

Dallas ISD passes resolution opposing legislative efforts to diminish graduation standards and academic rigor

On Thursday, April 25, 2013, the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees voted 5/4 to adopt a 'Resolution Opposing Legislative Efforts to Diminish Graduation Standards and Academic Rigor.'

One additional WHEREAS statement was added to the beginning of the Resolution.

The last paragraph of the Resolution clearly calls upon the legislature to amend House Bill 5 to require that "all students are enrolled by default in rigorous college-ready graduation pathways, and Trustees commit to adopting local policy that takes this stance should the Legislature fail to act."

The Resolution "calls on" the Texas Legislature to amend Senate Bill 5.

The Resolution demands that all students must be  "enrolled by default in rigorous college-ready graduation pathways."

That is exactly what the Legislature is attempting to change because it is that very rigid mentality that is doing great damage to schools and students in Texas.

It is the same mentality that is creating failure for large numbers of students - especially minority students - who drop out or are being pushed out and prevented from any opportunity to complete high school.

If the Legislature does not do so, the Resolution commits Dallas ISD to  "adopt a local policy that takes this stance."

Remember this phrase "enrolled by default"

These words will continue to destroy schools and students as a result of such overly restrictive - 'one size fits all' - policies.

Voting 'Yes' 

Lew Blackburn
Mike Morath
Elizabeth Jones
Eric Cowan
Dan Micciche

Voting "No"

Adam Medrano
Bernadette Nutall
Nancy Bingham
Carla Ranger