Saturday, April 20, 2013

Celebrating Ms. Pinkie and the Pinkie M. King Gardner Auditorium

Gardner and Simpson. On Saturday afternoon, there was a special reason to gather at Dallas ISD's Wilmer-Hutchins High School.  The school auditorium was officially named the Pinkie M. King Gardner Auditorium.

I regret that I was unable to attend the celebration.

Ms. Pinkie grew up in Hutchins,TX and always had a desire to help people.

After graduating from high school, she pursued a career in nursing.  Long after retirement, she continued to contribute to the community of Hutchins and surrounding communities.  Believing that having an education  contributes to a fulfilling life, Ms. Pinkie still works with boys and girls to encourage and support them in their development to become empowered, responsible adults.

It was a pleasure to vote for Ms. Pinkie and to have participated in her nomination, for she well-deserves the  honor.

After her high school graduation--perhaps in her school auditorium-- in May 1939,
Ms. Pinkie tells  how their new school, recently built after a long-fought community
battle, mysteriously "burned to the ground."  She is now the only living graduate
of the first and only graduation class of the Wilmer Hutchins Colored High School.

Therefore,  it is fitting that the auditorium of the new Wilmer-Hutchins High School,
now a Dallas ISD school, bears her name.

Congratulations, Ms. Pinkie,  and best wishes to the students who will benefit from
knowing you and making fond memories in the Pinkie M. King Gardner Auditorium.