Friday, April 19, 2013

Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles - "we have to be disruptive"

Friday, April 12, 2013 at Colorado luncheon - Superintendent Mike Miles
"And that's why I like this quotation from Arne Duncan. It came out a couple years ago, but he says, "we have to be disruptive." Education Blog-Mike Miles Recording-Dallas Morning News-4-17-13

"We have to be disruptive."
Dallas Mayor's Office

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan - Mayor Mike Rawlings - Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles

Superintendent Mike Miles - "It's kinda like what Tony was saying at the beginning of this. We cannot be doing the same thing. We have to be disruptive."

Superintendent Mike Miles - "So Arne Duncan came out to Dallas - actually in December. And I had a chance to talk to him. And we talked about Dallas ISD and I talked to him about needing the will and the capacity."

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan came to Dallas at the invitation of Mayor Mike Rawlings. Arne Duncan openly advocates that Mayor's take over school districts. Duncan was previously appointed Superintendent of  Chicago Public Schools by the Mayor.

Mayor Rawlings has previously indicated that he spoke with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan during the Dallas ISD Superintendent Search and passed on several names given to him by Arne Duncan to ProAct Search - the recruiting firm conducting the search.

Was Mike Miles name on the list passed on to the Dallas ISD search firm by Mayor Mike Rawlings? I have no idea. That information was not disclosed during the Search. The Mayor and Board President Lew Blackburn were having regular private conversations about Dallas ISD. The Board President never informed the Board about the discussions with the Mayor.

However, I recall requesting a list of all names presented to ProAct Search by Mayor Rawlings. ProAct Search never provided that information.

I also requested the names and resumes of candidates not presented to the Board of Trustees. That information was never provided by ProAct Search.