Saturday, April 27, 2013

Barbara Jordan Elementary School and community install a REAL School Garden

"Just remember the world is not a playground but a school room. Life is not a holiday but an education ..." Barbara Jordan
Shortly after sunrise this morning, community volunteers created a flurry of activity on the grounds of Barbara Jordan Elementary School.  Parents, students, teachers, and staff, along with FedEx, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and United Way volunteers began a day of clearing, hauling, digging, shoveling and other lawn labor to install a campus community garden.

As a result of the generous partnership, planning and support of REAL School Gardens (RSG), Barbara Jordan Elementary joins 92 elementary schools, 3,100 teachers and more than 50,000 children across North Texas who benefit from learning gardens. Barbara Jordan students will now have daily access to hands-on learning in an outdoors schoolroom.

REAL School Gardens designs and installs school gardens and "trains teachers to use them to improve  children's learning." Gardens also bring about community building "to nurture support for urban schools."

Real School Gardens believes, "when teachers take learning outdoors, children achieve greater success in school by becoming more engaged learners, more effective team members and healthier people."

Thanks to Nancy Payne, project manager, and the entire Real School Gardens team. 

We also appreciate these sponsors: FedEx, Esping Family Foundation, Rudine Family via The Communities Foundation of Texas, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. 

Principal Lucy Hopkins, the staff, faculty, students, parents and community are Excited about their REAL School Garden.  At Barbara Jordan Elementary, the garden will be another schoolroom where everyone can go and grow.