Sunday, March 24, 2013

Education Reform myths, fears and lies - an informative video

Christopher H. Tienken's new book - The Education Reform Landscape: Fraud, Myths & Lies

Standardize - Homogenize - Corporatize


Corporate education reform is a fraud, driven by myths and sustained by lies, fear, greed and money.

"The current school reform landscape is categorized by policies that seek to standardize, homogenize, and corporatize public education.

A command control structure seems to pervade the policy making environment. Bureaucrats across the country have put their faith in one-size-fits-all policies and they don't seem to understand the complex nature of teaching, learning, or human development.

We're in a situation now where the solutions to any perceived education problem are to standardize curriculum, close schools, impose more testing, strip local control away from parents by having corporations who masquerade as nonprofits run our public schools.

I think the genesis of this kind of thinking is a combination of myths, fear and lies about public education being in some sort of crisis."