Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thomas L. Marsalis Elementary Student Council inducts officers and develops leaders

Thomas L. Marsalis Student Council, Sponsors and Principal
Congratulations to newly elected Student Council officers and grade representatives at Thomas L. Marsalis Elementary School.   Student constituents, parents, faculty and staff celebrated the 2012-2013 Student Council Induction Ceremony today. 

Preparation for this day began early this Fall after students studied the electoral process and participated in a spirited campaign season.  Then on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, in step with the national election day,  the Marsalis Mustangs held two elections.  

First in a mock Presidential Election, students voted for national candidates who were on the Texas ballot.  The voting process was authentic, from issuing voter registration cards to casting ballots in boxes.

Using the same voting procedure in the second election, students voted in the following representatives:

President              Blair Ingram-Everett
Vice President      Kenneth Murry
Secretary              Nevaeh Webb
Treasurer              Celeste Sorrells
Historians              Reanna Carter

Student Council Members
Kendall Bass                                                  Kevin Lopez
Ruth Briones                                                  Isaac Navarette
Jovanny Escuadra                                         Britanny Pecina
Kyndle Empy                                                 Jada Pope
Deekayla Henderson-Hurd                            Mason Price
Jalon Johnson                                               Cindy Ramos 
Ahriyana Jones                                              Lee Yeap

In addition to their oath of office, student leaders repeated: 

Today I will serve,
And be the best that I can be.
I will respect and do good for others.
I will respect and do good for me.

Special Thanks to Ms. T. Simpson and Ms. T. Ingram, Student Council sponsors and to all Marsalis Elementary faculty and staff who serve our students.

Principal Kimberly M. Richardson is the campus instructional leader.

Thomas L. Marsalis is one of a few elementary schools where a Student Council  is maintained to develop student leaders for service to the school and community.