Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dallas ISD dedicated teacher - "I just want to focus on my students"

The following note was received from a sincere Dallas ISD teacher who loves teaching and loves her students.


Good evening Ms. Ranger,

I am a taxpayer and a... teacher. I love my students and I love my campus; however, in the first time of my ... years with DISD I am seriously thinking of reviewing my resume and search for other employment.  The new regime that was forced on us by the board looks and talks to us in such a patronizing and condescending attitude. 

My entire career is with DISD, and I am proud to say that I have always had excellent PDAS reviews and good working relationships with all of my principals; however, this year is pushing all of us to the breaking point. 

If the plan is for the district to implode itself and hire all new TFA recruits to fill the classrooms, then that is a sad day for the kids in Dallas.  My students have unlimited potential, and it saddens me to think that the new regime doesn't believe that our kids deserve the best. 

I was an AC student ...I am still here!  I was a first year teacher that was lucky to have an experienced teacher in the classroom next door. Her experience and help was a godsend my first year.  How dare we as adults allow the young kids of today to be used as an experiment in education consulting business. 

Have you checked MM consulting business web page Focal Point?  Check his bio page. I didn't think he could use our district as a selling point for the consulting business.

Teachers have not had a raise in over 4 + years. And as ... teacher with ...+ students, I no longer get the stipend of $1000 a semester ...So many well deserving teachers that love their students are being figuratively slapped with the patronizing and condescending heading of the SIX figure salaries...and they NEVER work with students??? sad sad sad. 

Thank you for allowing me to rant ...It is not my intention to offend, just to question what in the heck is going on?  

I can't spend my time worrying about the admin and all of their terrible misguided decisonsWe just started our 3rd six weeks.  I just want to focus on my students. I am sick of the childish adults.