Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary School Teacher tells precious students 'I Love You'

The Sandy Hook Elementary School in rural Connecticut was visited by a tormented soul who came prepared to take the lives of innocent children who had done no evil deeds, committed no offenses and deserved no early departure from this life.

Sandy Hook Elementary School will go down in history as a place where a tortured soul left an historic tragedy in a small rural Connecticut community.

No words can express or explain the unjust assault on children. But words can acknowledge the selfless sacrifice of teachers who simply by doing their daily jobs now become heroes to be remembered.

In the middle of chaos, the Principal and some teachers tried to face deadly weapons with empty hands to protect their students. They gave their own lives in ultimate sacrifice for children.

There was also a teacher who - when she believed the end of her own life had come and her students were about to face a grim fate - paused to tell the children she loved every one of themShe wanted the last memory of other people's children to be a word of love as they departed this life.

The teacher survived. Her students also live. She is remembered. When trouble came unannounced to the Sandy Hook Elementary School, she was ready to protect her students and give comfort to innocent children in her care.

We will remember twenty children, their Principal and their teachers - all "Gone Too Soon."

Gone Too Soon