Friday, December 14, 2012

Dallas ISD Students in concert this Saturday at The Black Academy of Arts and Letters

Dallas ISD Christmas/Kwanzaa Mass Choir at TBAAL - Curtis King, Producer
Treat yourself, friends and family to a gift guaranteed to put you on the right beat and in the rhythm of the season. 

            20th Annual Christmas/Kwanzaa Concert                                       
South Oak Cliff, Lincoln, Carter and Kimball High School Choirs
with the 
     Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet Center Big D Band
   Produced by Curtis King

This Saturday, December 15 -- 8:00 pm

The Black Academy of Arts and Letters (TBAAL) 
Dallas Convention Center Theater Complex
1309 Canton Street
Dallas, TX 75201 

Today I attended the student morning performance, along with classes of attentive elementary students, sponsored by Big Thought. Student responses, applause and longings for more showed they learned and appreciated this artistic experience.

Hope you will take this opportunity to hear more than 350 voices light up the holiday season at this outstanding concert, including the premier performance of "Sweetly Sleeping," written/composed by Lisa Jenkins, music director at Lincoln High School.

Many thanks to Dallas ISD participating music conductors: Demetrius Ethley, Carter High School;  Bruce Limuel, Kimball High School; Lisa Jenkins, Lincoln High School; Michelle Magee, South Oak Cliff High School; Dean Hill, Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnate Center.

Much appreciation to Curtis King and the professional musicians, stage crew and support team he incorporates into every Dallas ISD partnership for our students.

For more information about the Saturday performance, contact:

The Black Academy of Arts and Letters (TBAAL)

Phone: (214) 743-2440
Fax: (214) 743-2451
Box Office: (214) 743-2400

Dallas ISD Students experience 20th Annual Christmas/Kwanzaa Concert