Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Violating Trustee rights in closed session

Dear District 6:

Another closed session was held on Friday, June 3 at 4:00 P.M.  I believe this meeting was in violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act because decisions were being made in secret that are required to be made in public.

I also believe the closed sessions were deliberately being used to deny the public's right to know, see and hear the process being followed for selecting an Interim Superintendent.

After several closed meetings, the public knows the outcome but was not allowed to observe the decisions being made behind closed doors.

I now enter my 6th year as a Trustee. I have seen a lot, learned a lot and experienced quite a bit.

This gives me no joy to recall.

On Friday, the Board President Blackburn and certain other Trustees attempted to take away the right of a Trustee to full access to information of the District - especially the resumes provided by the candidates for the position of Interim Superintendent.

All information of a school district belongs to the Trustees.  The administration is the custodian on behalf of elected Trustees.

Because I objected to certain decisions being made by the Board President that would restrict  my right  as a Trustee to all information kept by the district, I stated my intention to keep certain information in my possession. I wanted to continue my review of the information.  Trustees have a right to obtain the resume or any other document of anyone at Dallas ISD anytime they make a request.

Trustee Bernadette Nutall became irate and out of control because I insisted on the right to the information. 

She said several things and was quite nasty behind the secrecy of those closed doors. She was what might be called "fighting mad." She was allowed to rant and rave and make absurd accusations that have no merit. She behaved like a student with no discipline - not a Trustee of the District.  Of course, nothing will be done by the Board to correct this unacceptable behavior.

This was not an agenda item for the closed session and was completely out of order.  Yet, it was allowed to continue.

I am disclosing only what was not posted on the agenda, clearly out of order and a violation of any standard of appropriate Trustee conduct.

I do not serve at Dallas ISD because of Trustees.

We serve the taxpayers and citizens of Dallas, and no Trustee or Board President should violate the right to information given by state law.