Thursday, June 9, 2011

Redistricting broke open meetings law in 2001

A Dallas Morning News article was written on the redistricting process  in 2001.
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Redistricting is a very important process.

The state law requires either a certified agenda or an audio of every closed meeting to be kept on file.

I started asking about this a long time ago and it remains a concern.

A closed session that does not have either a certified agenda or an audio record violates the Texas Open Meetings Act.

It is also required by Board policy BEC (Local) which states:

  • Certified Agenda - The Board shall keep a certified agenda of the proceedings of each closed meeting ... (BEC (Local)
  • Redistricting - Furthermore, any closed meeting in which redistricting under the 2000 Census is in any way discussed under any exception to the Texas Open meetings Act is prohibited unless an audio tape of the entire session is made with each speaker clearly identified by the chair or the speaker
We are now entering redistricting again under the 2010 Census.

This mistake should be avoided in 2011.
December 8, 2001

By Tawnell HobbsStaff Writer
Page 35A

A judge ruled Friday that Dallas school trustees violated the Texas Open Meetings Act by haggling behind closed doors while redrawing district boundaries.


These trustees were essentially discussing what map they would adopt and what their story would be,” said William A. Brewer III, lead attorney for the plaintiffs. “Well, they’ve lost. Now it’s a question of what the punishment will be.”