Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Texans believe education is the most important problem facing the state

EDUCATION - Most Important Problem in Texas - Click Here
"Rather than choosing the economy or immigration as our most pressing problem, as they have in the past, Texans identified education as the most pressing issue facing the state. Poll results reveal that 33% of likely voters (and 23% of adult Texans) named education as the most important problem.  “The fact that education was named as the most important problem facing Texas is a major shift from last fall’s Lyceum poll numbers,” said University of Texas at San Antonio Professor Amy Jasperson, who assisted with the poll. “This peak in concern for education is not surprising given the debate over state budget cuts in Austin.” In a related finding, state education cuts could be affecting Texas voters’ perceptions of their children’s future. Results show that 41% of likely voters feel their children will be worse off than them financially."
Education issues move to the forefront of Texas concerns -Click Here