Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dr. Nolan Estes recommended for Interim Superintendent

The Board was sent the following communication on Wednesday.

Follow-up Letter Concerning Support For Dr. Nolan Estes As

DISD Interim Superintendent

Wednesday - June 1, 2011 9:54 PM

Dr. Lew Blackburn, President, Dallas Board of Trustees, District 5
Dr. Edwin Flores, Vice-President, Dallas Board of Trustees, District 1
Ms. Nancy Bingham, Dallas Board of Trustees, District 4
Mr. Eric Cowan, Dallas Board of Trustees, District 7
Mr. Bruce Parrott, Dallas Board of Trustees, District 3
Mr. Adam Medrano, Dallas Board of Trustees, District 8
Mr. Mike Morath, Dallas Board of Trustees, District 2
Ms. Bernadette Nutall, Dallas Board of Trustees, District 9
Ms. Carla Ranger, Dallas Board of Trustees, District 6

To the Members of the DISD Board of Trustees:

We, Coalition of Dallas Community Leaders and Organizations, submitted a letter to you at your Tuesday, May 31, 2011 School Board Meeting asking you to appoint former DISD School Superintendent Dr. Nolan Estes as Interim Superintendent. We are following – up with this recommendation because we feel strongly that Dr. Nolan Estes is the person who should take the helm as Interim Superintendent until your superintendent search is successful in bringing in a permanent leader to replace Dr. Michael Hinojosa.


Dr. Roscoe Smith, Award winning Former DISD School Principal
Dr. Alfred Roberts, Former DISD Assistant Superintendent
Dr. Rosie Sorrells, Former DISD Director of Early Childhood
Kathlyn Gilliam, Former DISD Board of Trustee
Brenda Fields, Award winning Education Activist
Dr. Zan Wesley Holmes, Jr. Retired Senior Pastor St. Luke “Community” United Methodist Church
Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III Senior Pastor Friendship West Baptist Church
Dr. Jerry Christian, President African American Pastors Coalition
Diane Ragsdale, Former Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dallas City Council
John Fullenwider, Former Dallas Independent School District “Teacher of the Year”
Thomas Muhammad, Chairman National Black United Front (NBUF)-Dallas Chapter
Jeffery Muhammad, Student Minister Nation of Islam Mosque #42 Dallas
Aaron Michaels, Founder New Black Panther Party
Rev. Charles Bowman, President Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)-Dallas
Bandele & Akewte Tiyemba, Pan African Grassroots Organizers
Dr. Beverly Mitchell-Brooks, Education Activist and Community Leader
Dr. Allen R. Sullivan, Former DISD Assistant Superintendent
Kathryn Mitchell, Former Award Winning DISD Teacher
Irene Ridge, Outstanding Parent when DISD was a Model for the USA
Barbara Record, Outstanding Parent when DISD was a Model for the USA
Reverend Derrick Bowman, Sr., Dallas Religious Leader
Robert  L. Price, Former DISD School Board Trustee
Dr. Charmaine H. Price, Award winning Former DISD Principal
Kay F. Hunter, Award winning Former DISD Federal Programs Administrator