Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kimball knights light up the day in state basketball victory celebration

Senator Royce West and Mayor Dwaine Caraway hold trophies
Saturday, March 26, 2011
“I love a parade," was the look on everyone’s face this morning as children of all ages -- from those in strollers to those on canes -- lined up along West Ledbetter Drive in Oak Cliff.   Citizens came out to greet the parade of the Justin F. Kimball (Knights) basketball team.  It was the first opportunity, since their dreams-come-true victory in Austin two weeks ago, for the Knights to present to the community their winning trophy for being Class 4A State Basketball Champions.

Parade arriving at Justin F. Kimball High School

In addition to Kimball cheerleaders, majorettes and organizations, student groups from surrounding feeder schools also marched  in the parade.  They all, elementary - 12, entertained the crowd with performances and enthusiasm.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown

This was the Knights' second public celebration this week.  On Thursday at Dallas ISD Board meeting, Supt. Michael Hinojosa and I gave resolutions of recognition for the sixteen team members as they stood handsomely dressed in school colors navy and crimson.

Appreciating the number of other basketball teams the Kimball Knights had to defeat and games they won to get to the state championship, a packed board room of students, parents, staff and teachers gave the Knights a standing ovation and several rounds of applause.  We recognized that for many months, these humble  young men had to commit to performing athletically and academically in order to have a chance at winning the title, ...and they did.  With effective coaching and teaching, with steadfast determination and dreams, ...that’s just what they did.  They took the challenge.  They got the chance.  Now, they are 2011 state champions.

Congratulations and much appreciation for service, love of the game and deep love for students to: head coach Royce Johnson, assistant coaches Ryan Foppe, Robert Jacobs, Bo Johnson and Toby Daniels; and athletic coordinator Carlton Nelson.

Thanks to Ms. White and Ms. Stevenson for coordinating the parade and festivities.

Great gratitude to Principal Earl Jones for campus leadership.

Thanks to Senator Royce West and Mayor Dwaine Caraway for their participation.

Justin F. Kimball Class 4A State Basketball Champions!

In 2011, Kimball Knight time is the right time!