Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's a rainy day in Texas - public education needs a helping hand

Save neighborhood schools.

Every neighborhood needs a heart.

It's a rainy day in Texas - we need a helping hand.

Children in Austin sing about their schools and this rainy day.

Will the state legislature give a helping hand to the children of Texas?

It's a rainy day everywhere in Texas - certainly in Dallas.

Who can hear the innocent voices of children and not have a heart?
It’s a rainy day in Austin
And we need a helping hand
It’s a rainy day in Austin
But we’re not ‘Waiting for Superman’
We need a better plan
Kids aren’t the ones to blame
So don’t make them pay.

Every hood needs a heart
Try to look inside yours
To see it's where the children are
So don't lock its doors.