Monday, March 7, 2011

Texas Caucus of Black School Board Members

San Antonio
The 4th Annual Education Summit presented by Texas Caucus of Black School Board Members (TCBSBM) was held in San Antonio on Friday, March 4 -- Saturday, March 5, 2011.

In addition to veteran and new Trustees from across the state, the summit hosted national speakers, local/state presenters, superintendents, Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) staff, public school stakeholders,  as well as local students and their teachers.

Sylvester Vasquez, President of the Texas Association of School Boards and James B. (Jim) Crow, TASB Executive Director, were in attendance.

Topics, including student achievement, discipline, bullying, communication, redistricting, college readiness among others, engaged summit participants in deep discussions. As would be expected, the topic of  school finance was on everyone's mind; Catherine Clark, TASB Finance, was session leader for this discussion.

TCBSBM also awarded five student scholarships.

Trustees will receive professional development credit for attending the sessions.

Thanks to TCBSBM President Josie Smith-Wright, Gonzales ISD, and planning committee for a superb Education Summit.

The early pioneers of the organization (Est. 1978) included three former Dallas ISD Trustees for whom schools have been named:  Dr. Emmett J. Conrad (Emmett J. Conrad High School), the first President of the Black Caucus, Kathlyn Joy Gilliam (Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Collegiate Academy) and Dr. Yvonne A. Ewell (Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center).