Saturday, April 2, 2011

Texas Association of School Boards Advocacy Agenda Principles

The Texas Association of School Boards is calling upon school districts to submit new Advocacy Resolutions that will help form TASB's responses to issues before the Legislature and other governmental entities during the legislative session.
The following Cornerstone Principles guide TASB's Advocacy Agenda and organizational conduct:
  • Excellence in student achievement for all Texas students
  • Locally governed and locally controlled public schools
  • Rigorous accountability for academic progress
  • Adequate funding levels to provide exceptional education programs
  • Efficient and effective school management
  • Working with parents to create optimal opportunities for each child
Change is one constant: the evolving needs of school districts and the availability of state funding for public education.

And there are others: resistance to taxation, underfunding of public educationerosion of local control, and the need for continuing educational improvement.