Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rolando Rios Conflict of Interest - Redistricting Counsel

Trustees are scheduled to interview applicants for redistricting counsel on Thursday morning.

Attorney Rolando Rios of San Antonio has clear Conflicts of Interest and should not be considered for redistricting counsel of Dallas ISD. Last spring (in 2010) at the beginning of this process, this was again brought to the attention of Trustees.

Contributions of Rolando Rios to individual Dallas ISD Trustees:

Trustee Jerome Garza - District 7 - $300.00 - March 26, 2007
Trustee Edwin Flores - District 1 - $500.00  - August 21, 2009
Trustee Lew Blackburn - District 5 - $350.00 - April 1, 2010

This shows a bias in favor of certain Trustees.

The Request For Proposal states that "by signing this Executing of Offer, affirms that no gifts have been given to public officials."  Rolando Rios signed the Execution of Offer on November 16, 2010 stating that he had given no gifts.  Yet he had done so, past and present - most recently on April 1, 2010.

Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct - Rule 7.08 - Prohibited Solicitations and Payments - "(a) A lawyer, in order to solicit professional employment, shall not pay, give, advance, or offer to pay, give, or advance anything of value, ... to a prospective client or any other person ...

Rolando Rios has clear conflicts of interest.

In November, 2006, Mr. Rios was directly involved in the switch of two precincts relating to District 6 that had absolutely nothing to do with the Wilmer-Hutchins redistricting for which he was hired.  Wilmer-Hutchins is located in the extreme south portion of our area.  The switched precinct includes Molina High School, which is located in the extreme north. The precinct also included the Early College High School at Mountain View College that was later re-named for Trustee Garza's father

The precincts were switched solely because I was an African American Trustee.  Jerome Garza, an Hispanic Trustee, decided to use the redistricting of Wilmer-Hutchins to engage in racism.

When I asked Rolando Rios which Trustee had requested switching precincts in my district, Rios first claimed he did not recall.  Then he later claimed it was a confidential lawyer-client matter.  Only problem - I was also his client entitled to equal, fair and honest representation.

Mr. Rios should be disqualified on the basis of both Conflicts of Interest and his obvious bias and attempt to cover-up Trustee Garza's racist agenda in the November, 2006 Wilmer-Hutchins redistricting.

Rolando Rios was also later involved in the Dallas ISD illegal change of terms to 4-years where he advised that it was legal to make the change but failed to address the very important matter of a December 31, 2007 deadline that was clearly being violated.

Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 5.08 - Prohibited Discriminatory Activities
A lawyer shall not willfully, ... manifest, by words or conduct, bias, or prejudice based on race, color, national origin, ... towards any person involved ..."

Jerome Garza's Shocking Behavior Caught on Tape

"... we pieced together a video of exactly what happened last November in the redistricting meeting.

Carla Ranger was visibly concerned that another trustee would surreptitiously alter her district's boundaries--then try to conceal the act.

After almost an hour, Jerome Garza finally admitted it was him."

"The silence of the other board members, not coming to Carla's side in favor of open, honest government, are just as guilty as the consulting attorney (Rios) who said the information Carla asked for was "confidential."


DISD trustees divvy up W-H voters

Precinct change not related to new students angers board member

09:24 PM CST on Friday, December 1, 2006
By KENT FISCHER / The Dallas Morning News

"The big debate of the night, however, wasn't over the new boundaries, which were approved on a 7-2 vote. Instead, passionate words were exchanged over the unexpected swapping of two voting precincts in West Dallas that had nothing to do with the Wilmer-Hutchins district.

Lawyer Rolando Rios told her he couldn't recall why the switch was made. When asked if it was done at the behest of a trustee, the lawyer claimed attorney-client privilege and wouldn't answer. When she turned to her fellow trustees for help, none offered an explanation."

More Here


by Scott Bennett  

Lawyer Rolando Rios told her he couldn't recall why the switch was made.
When asked if it was done at the behest of a trustee, the lawyer claimed
attorney-client privilege and wouldn't answer. When she turned to her fellow
trustees for help, none offered an explanation.

More Here

DISD Board Member Engages in Sneaky Tactics
And uses district lawyers and your tax dollars to do it!

The paper reports that he also used District Lawyers to make the swap, and never consulted Ms. Ranger about such a move. Equally important, he also never informed the residents of DISD District 6 about such a move.

I have learned that the under-the-table swap involved Precinct 4417, which surrounds Molina High School, and Precinct 4419. Unlike Garza would lead you to believe, Precinct 4417 is a diverse district of many races. Precinct 4419 is overwhelmingly Hispanic. I believe this is all about payback and dilution of the African-American voting bloc. I will back that up with statistics later on in the article.

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San Antonio College - March 12, 2011

"District 6 trustee Gene Sprague said he was not in favor of Rolando Rios's firm because in 2008, it was hired illegally with four votes and showed a preference toward specific board members. A quorum of five trustees is required for agenda items at a regular board meeting."
"In 2011, I want us to start with a clean slate," Rindfuss said.