Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bob Ray Sanders speaks out for Texas public school teachers

Bob Ray Sanders of the Fort Worth Star Telegram speaks out against the attacks on public schools and Texas public school teachers.

sandersIt makes me mad to hear people, most especially sanctimonious so-called leaders, run down our public schools.

I become even more riled when those bloviating windbags on talk radio and cable TV berate public school teachers as lazy, incompetent, dues-paying union sympathizers who only care about a paycheck and don't give a hoot about children.

And when they label public school students as ignorant or otherwise "worthless" -- a waste of taxpayers' money -- it makes my blood boil to the point almost of a volcanic eruption.
Confession: I am a teacher.

While I have never been hired full-time as an educator, I am a certified teacher.

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...I figured out a long time ago that most of those who complain about public education and do everything in their power to destroy it haven't been in public schools in years, if ever.

...They accept and perpetrate the stereotype, play to the whims of misinformed disgruntled constituents and, thus, are flag-bearers for dismantling one of the strongest pillars of this democracy.

...The government fails education, and when it does it looks for scapegoats in local districts, teachers, unmotivated students and uncaring parents and community.

...As the fight for education gets tougher in Austin this legislative session, I will stand on the side of students, which means I will stand with the educators against the pontificating politicians.