Monday, April 4, 2011

May 14, 2011 Dallas ISD trustee election canceled

Dear District 6 neighbors,

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your school Trustee these last 5 years.

On Thursday March 31, 2011, Dallas ISD Trustees officially canceled the May 14, 2011 election for Districts 2, 6, and 8.  While only one candidate filed to run in each district, election packets were picked up by an additional potential candidate in each district.

In District 2,  Vince Murchison obtained an election packet on February 14, 2011 but did not run.

In district 6, Lew Blackburn, Jr. obtained an election packet on February 7, 2011 but did not run.

In District 8, Warren Westmoreland obtained an election packet on March 1, 2011 but did not run.

In District 6, not only was there interest in running, but political consultants were secured, key district 6 people were asked to help, informal polls done, precinct chairs were contacted for support - and more.

The effort was definitely made, but at the end of the day no other candidate filed to run. The interest was kept hidden because the efforts did not succeed.

I certainly support the right of any citizen to run for a public position. This is a good thing when done for the right reason.

For the school board there is only one right reason - a desire to serve public education - not to impose private agendas.

I never expected to be a school Trustee.  I love education but there was never an ambition to serve in a public position.  It happened because one day I was asked to run.

I have consistently fought to protect your right to vote and to have democratic elections. I have consistently refused to support any agenda that would have denied your opportunity to elect Trustees of your choice.

I believe in public control of public schools.

I love students. All students are special and all deserve a quality education.

I appreciate and respect teachers, campus staff and administrators.

I believe in parents and the difference their personal involvement can make in the education of their children.

I strongly support public education and believe in public accountability.

I do not support privatization of public education for profit and greed.

Destroying public control of education will help destroy democracy itself.

I strongly believe in the Texas Freedom of Information Act (TFOIA) and the Texas Open Meetings Act (TOMA). These laws protect the right of citizens to know what is going on in their government - at all levels - local, state or federal.

We now face new challenges, even more so than in past years.

It will take the dedication and support of all citizens to preserve public education.

Thank you again, District 6, for your kindness and support.

Carla Ranger
District 6 Trustee
Make Education A Priority