Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Roseland Homes students and parents get fresh start with Central Dallas Ministries

My visit this evening with parents of students who live in Roseland Homes was delightful. Not having been there in several years, I was excited to see many changes and improvements. Clearly, the residents are pleased too.

Dr. Paul McCarthy, President of El Centro College, also gave remarks.

The occasion was the first of several workshops planned by Central Dallas Ministries (CDM) to introduce a focused educational program for parents, guardians and caretakers of children. The program, designed to help parents become better acquainted and more comfortable with various aspects of public education, is part of Operation Family Fresh Start (OFFS).  

One objective of today's session was to encourage parents to think about their children's education as a learning journey which goes from kindergarten through four years of college, or K -16.  We discussed a factor that can contribute to the desire to make the journey.  That factor is children's hearing and being aware that parents expect them to do it -- go to college.  

What a lively time it was, with fathers, mothers and grandmothers participating, much to the joy of CDM and Roseland Homes community outreach staff, all dedicated to making a difference in the lives of families and the education of children. 

With knowledge and confidence, Roseland Homes parents can become better, more effective advocates for their children's education.

Parents were given DCCCD Read-In materials and booklets.  They were encouraged to read to their children.

Hats off and all the best to Central Dallas Ministries as you implement Operation Family Fresh Start.

Thanks to Rev. Gerald Britt for inviting me to participate.