Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mark Twain Leadership Vanguard receives free school supplies from Comerica Bank

Third grade students at Mark Twain Leadership Vanguard learned a few lessons today, the week before school starts.  They were introduced to banking and shopping convenience, patience, financial literacy and showing appreciation. 

When parents and students arrived, the media center included a bank and a well-stocked supply store. After withdrawing 65 Big Bucks from the bank, students ordered a bag of school supplies, counted out the required amount and and went to look at their merchandise.

I enjoyed serving as a store cashier for the students.

Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway also served as a store cashier.

Thanks to Dawna Alberty, Asst. Banking Center Manager, Comerica Bank and the Wynnwood Banking Center for helping Mark Twain students to continue to "Achieve Greatness Through Effective Leadership."

Thanks also to Principal Clifford Greer, teachers and staff of Mark Twain Leadership Vanguard (Recognized ranking).