Friday, August 28, 2009

Mrs. Dade suffers stroke

The widow of Dr. Billy Earl Dade was recently hospitalized due to a massive stroke.  She is 90.

Mrs. Dade had been greatly disturbed by recent news of the effort to change the name of the South Dallas Middle School previously named after her educator husband - Dr. Billy Earl Dade. Mrs. Dade still lives in South Dallas.  Like most families, the legacy of her husband and family is heartfelt.

One of Dr. and Mrs. Dade's daughters, Barbara Dade Martin - a retired Principal - traveled from Chicago to Dallas to speak in opposition to renaming the middle school previously dedicated to the memory of her father on March 12, 2000 - less than one decade ago.  She stated that her mother's heart had been broken.

Decisions often have consequences to others who truly care.

Mrs. Dade has been wounded by a stroke at a time that should have been filled with peace and joy.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. Dade for improved health and recovery.