Friday, August 21, 2009

Grading Policy was wrongheaded then -- now it violates state law

Senate Bill 2033 is now Section 28.0216 (District Grading Policy) of the Texas Education Code.  The law was passed to protect the grading authority of teachers.

Texas Education Agency officials have emphasized that the new law "clearly applies to all types of grades."

Dallas ISD appears to be violating the Texas Education Code - again.

The state legislature has spoken with a clear and overwhelming voice of disapproval of minimum grading policies in Texas.  

The Dallas ISD policy must be changed to comply with state law.

Click Here - DMN - "Our interpretation is that our policies do not need to be changed" - August 18, 2009

Dallas Morning News Friday, February 1, 2008 by Kent Fischer -  Click Here

"Trustees voted 8-1 to keep the minimum 50 grade in policy. Trustee Carla Ranger was the lone dissenting vote.

"She cited the recent case of South Oak Cliff High School, where a principal forced a teacher to boost the grade of a basketball player to keep that player eligible under the state's "no-pass, no-play" rule. The district announced recently that the grade change would result in South Oak Cliff forfeiting a state basketball championship. 

"Mrs. Ranger said she couldn't see how a school could be penalized for wrongly increasing the grade of an athlete, while the district sanctions the whole-scale awarding of unearned grades to failing students everywhere. 

"What's the difference?" Mrs. Ranger asked. "For me this is not just an academic question, it's an ethical question."