Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Non-Renewal on Monday - Demotion on Friday

On last Friday morning, I was asked to meet with the Chancellor of Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) at 1:00 P.M. for a discussion.

When I arrived, I learned that the discussion would include two additional parties, the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and the Executive Vice Chancellor of Business Services.  I did not know others would be present.

I had hoped this would be a private discussion with the Chancellor where I could finally get an understanding of why this was happening.

Instead, I was offered a radical demotion as follows:

---Two bands beneath my present level of District Director of Educational Partnerships

---Transfer to Business Services in Mesquite from Educational Partnerships at downtown Lamar

---Start over at Coordinator position

---Major Salary cut

---Report to a new supervisor in the Business Services Division in Mesquite - the new supervisor holds the same position title I currently hold.

---The African American Read-In removed from my supervision - the very successful program I fought to establish ten years ago with nothing but hope and a dream.                                                

In essence, I was offered the "opportunity" to start over from scratch at the very end of a 20-year career with the District.

Something is very wrong with this picture.

I believe this was in response to the questions that have been raised by others about my dismissal.  

Apparently, it is intended to provide an answer when asked why my contract is not being renewed - 'We have offered her another position.' 

What has been presented is the choice to leave the district or take a transfer and demotion.

The demotion also might make it very difficult to continue serving on the school board.  

On Monday I was offered nothing.  On Friday I was offered an unjust demotion.

From Monday to Friday - a week of dismay, disappointment and disbelief.

The whole thing appears to make no sense - except for the smell of politics.