Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Non-Renewal of my contract at Dallas County Community College District

Yesterday I was informed that my contract as District Director of Educational Partnerships at Dallas County Community College District will not be renewed - effective August 31, 2009.

It appears someone has ordered my removal.  There is also something about it that smells of politics.

This was sudden, unexpected and with no prior warning or reason to be concerned.  I have been an employee of DCCCD for 20 years and looked forward to retirement there in the years ahead. My record has been exemplary.

This is difficult and hard to share.  But when I think of all the challenges so many others must face in this life, I am encouraged.

While I do not fully understand it, I am reminded that somewhere in the good book it suggests that "Good soldiers must sometimes endure hard things."

If anyone knows of an opportunity for a career veteran like me, please let me know.