Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mike Moses: 'We Are Humbled, Honored and Ready to Keep Our Commitments'

Dallas ISD News Release - June 2003

DISD Superintendent Says Court Clearance of District Big Step For Moving Forward

Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Mike  Moses Thursday said that the district is "honored, humbled and ready to keep our commitments," in response to Federal Judge Barefoot Sanders ruling that the district has been lifted from the 33-year old desegregation order.

"We have always said that we give honor to the desegregation order," Moses said.  "Judge Sanders has releaseed the district from this case and we are humbled, honored and ready to keep our commitments adopted by the Board of Trustees in November of 2002. We are deeply appreciative of the comments the judge made about the District operations and its board.  We share the judge's belief that there is still much to be done in our district to make it a premier district.  We take the ruling today seriously and are dedicated to ensuring that conditions would not arise again that would require such court supervision."

In November of 2002, the district's Board of Trustees adopted a list of commitments that would be followed if the court were to release supervision from the desegregation order.  The Superintendent said the district will continue to meet the terms of those commitments.

"We want those in the communty who are uneasy with this ruling today to know that we are dedicated to ensuring that all children in the Dallas Independent School District receive the best education possible and that the district is commited to ensuring that all parties are treated fairly and equitably," Moses said.  "This is a new day for the district but we will continue to work to provide the best education possible for all students.  We know it is important to all citizens of this city to see the DISD operating in a manner that builds confidence and working relationships with those in our community."