Saturday, May 9, 2009

Apology to Dallas ISD voters for removing your right to vote

Today thousands of qualified Dallas ISD voters, taxpayers and stakeholders will not be able to vote for a Dallas ISD Trustee.

This was through no fault of their own but the sole result of the self-serving agenda of current Trustees.

America is a great nation because every citizen, young and old, poor and rich, powerful and powerless, have an equal right to vote for the representatives of their choice.

It is the most precious right - a right that brave young men and women have been called upon to protect in distant places in the name of freedom.  

It is a right many have fought for, been beaten on bridges for, and died for with no reward but the honor of service and sacrifice.

While this deed cannot be undone, one Trustee can offer a sincere apology, and I do so in the name of the nameless people who gave this most precious right to us all.