Saturday, December 18, 2010

Students and staff spread holiday cheer

During the past week, Dallas ISD students and staff welcomed the holidays through a variety of activities.  Participating in them brightened and broadened my holiday experience.  It also provided a chance to greet, applaud and appreciate. 

DAEP at  Nolan Estes Plaza

Recently settled in their new home at Nolen Estes Plaza, DAEP students displayed vocal talent as they delighted family and friends with rhythmic moves that made students giggle and the audience cheer.  Wearing Santa caps or reindeer antlers, each grade performed a medley of festive, with some tap-your-toes-to, songs.   Through the coordination of June Johnson, teachers helped students, some of whom arrived as late as the day before, prepare for this first holiday program.  Students were visibly overjoyed to perform, which they did so well.  Guests were proud and, recognizing  value in this activity for these students, recommended this program as the start of a tradition.

Thanks to teachers, staff and principal Eva Hunter for the holiday teaching and learning experience given to DAEP students and families.

Maintenance Northwest Division

Another highlight of the week was the annual luncheon with staff at the Northwest Maintenance Division.  Every work day,  members of this crew use their skills to maintain approximately 70 campuses in their service area. However, at this time every year,  they show off their cooking skills, bringing homemade dishes and desserts for a fun-filled lunch with secret gift-exchange and lots of fellowship. What a pleasure it was to be among and talk with these workers.    

Thanks to the Northwest Division maintenance crew for the work you do to support teaching and learning in Dallas ISD.       

El Centro Middle College High School

Middle College High School at El Centro hosted the annual Tamale and Thank You Party.  The Parent Teacher Student Association and the Site Based Decision Management committee joined students in thanking parents and Middle College friends for their support during Fall semester.  For added fun and to work off calories from the tamales and sides, students and guests learned how to do the cha cha cha and a couple of ballroom dance steps.  It was truly a fiesta in the Student Center at El Centro College. Much appreciation to all who helped.

Many students left with a tamale and holiday spirit to share.