Saturday, December 11, 2010

Carter high school hosts seminar for parents and male students

There was no sleeping-in late this Saturday morning for several students at Carter high school. Members of the Man Up Group were preparing to greet and assist their peers from other schools who would attend “It’s Time--A Seminar for Male Students.” Dressed in uniform t-shirts with the printed message, “No sagging pants allowed," these young men were ready to give and receive positive lessons throughout the day.

Founded by Carter High teacher Curtis Ferguson, the purpose of Man Up Group is to “transform the lives of boys and help them become responsible men. This is achieved by providing a secure, positive peer environment where males regain hope and belief, earn trust and self-respect; and learn skills to lead a constructive lifestyle--free of gangs, drugs, violence, cycles of failure, mental” welfare” and poverty. Realizing that partnerships can lead to greater influence and broader results, Man Up Group partnered with Project Student Leaders, Inc (PSL) to present the seminar today.

Project Student Leaders is the creation of Richard Davis, because of his passion to help youth and his 29 years in education. PSL focuses on providing “challenged but talented” students with training that will empower them to make good decisions to improve their lives and communities.
Along with hearing positive rap and experiencing other entertainment, students and parents were scheduled to interact with several presenters during four sessions: 1.) Who Am I for Real? 2.) Who’s Listening to Me? 3.) Don’t You Have Dreams and 4.) Catch the Rope and Live! (Helping Teens Reconstruct Their Lives).

I was glad to welcome eager parents, students and supporters. How refreshing it was to see the male students carry out their different duties with respect, helpfulness and an attitude of service. They are being well-taught, thanks to their sponsor and trainers.

We are pleased when teachers and educators connect to implement programs that benefit students and parents. This morning’s seminar for males presented at David W. Carter high school, where Mr. Gail Dupree is principal, was a fine example of collaboration to benefit parents and students.