Sunday, December 12, 2010

Four hundred Dallas ISD students deck the halls with music at 18th annual Christmas concert

If you were not at the Black Academy of Arts and Letters (TBAAL) Saturday evening, you missed an outstanding seasonal concert. Combined choirs and musicians from eleven Dallas ISD high schools and one elementary school decked the halls with a superb performance on the Naomi Bruton main stage. It was the 18th Annual Christmas Kwanzaa Concert. 

Name your favorite musical genre, classic to contemporary -- they performed it, with vocals and instrumentals for everyone. Parents, families, friends, teachers and staff were in awe, stilled by exquisite renditions of the more complex seasonal music or arrangements. They also found themselves swaying to traditional, toe-tapping to swing, calling and responding to rap, clapping to pop, bobbing to jazz, and testifying to spirituals. 

The grateful audience got plenty of exercise, up out of their seats over and over with applause and praise throughout the performance. And what a boost for these 400 students -- vocalists, musicians, helpers and technicians, all handsomely attired in red, green and black. Guests saw a packed stage of student performers who were pristinely-disciplined, keenly-attentive and highly-prepared. The high-quality concert was another affirmation of the value of music and the arts in education. By participating in choir, orchestra and service, these students are acquiring knowledge and skills to help them be productive and responsible. 

We appreciate the teaching and dedication of the choral directors and band conductors who worked with our students to present the concert. The music team represented Umphrey Lee elementary and the following high schools: Carter, Kimball, Lincoln, Rangel YWL, Roosevelt, Samuell, Skyline, South Oak Cliff, Spruce, Sunset and Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center.

Thanks to Craig Welle and the fine arts, choral and general music administrators and staff for on-going efforts to present Dallas ISD music and fine arts programs to the community.

Special gratitude to TBAAL founder/director Curtis King and the staff of The Black Academy of Arts and Letters. Thank you for consistently demonstrating the importance of partnerships in education for student success.

Students -- Congratulations and Thank You! Your 18th Annual Christmas Kwanzaa Concert celebrated the season and beckoned the happy holidays that you and your directors deserve.