Saturday, July 17, 2010

Texas discretionary expulsion rates

The School-to-Prison Pipeline report was released by Texas Appleseed, a nonprofit research and advocacy group focusing on social and economic justice.

“The ‘pipeline’ refers to a disturbing pattern of school disciplinary problems escalating from suspension to removal from school, juvenile justice system involvement, and school dropout,” the report asserts. “Numerous studies by national experts … have established a link between school discipline, school dropout rates and incarceration.
 … More than 80 percent of Texas adult prison inmates are school dropouts."

The report found "the more subjective the discipline criteria, the more African Americans get expelled." These are discretionary expulsions and subjective decisions.

Highest Texas
DistrictDiscretionaryEnrollmentPer 1,000
RIO HONDO38255314.8844
KARNES CITY910188.8409
EAST BERNARD69826.1100
WEST ORANGE-COVE1830115.9781
Source: Texas Education Agency

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Texas Appleseed tracks much of the current system back to a wholesale rewriting of Texas education law in 1995, which included several “zero tolerance” policies.
Report: Texas School Districts Quick to Expel - April 14, 2010 - Texas Tribune 
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