Saturday, July 10, 2010

Teach For America review raises questions

A new analysis reported in the Washington Post education section - The Answer Sheet - concludes that students of Teach for America teachers score lower on reading and math tests than students of beginning traditional public school teachers with full credentials.

The report states:
"... Even in the limited cases when Teach for America has a positive impact, it is consistently small;  other reforms may have more promise such as universal pre-schooling, mentoring programs that pair novice and expert teachers, eliminating tracking, and reducing class size in the early grades."
The report also recommends that policymakers and school districts "invest strategically in evidence-based educational reform options that build long-term capacity in schools."

The Teach For America program analysis was done by Assistant Professor Julian Vasquez Heilig of the University of Texas at Austin and Assistant Professor Su Jin Jez of California State University at Sacramento.

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