Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Lottery - Pro Charter School Anti-Union Documentary

"The Lottery" is a documentary film that seeks to characterize public education teacher unions as the enemy of public education reform.  According to the film, public education teachers and their unions are the problem but charter schools are the answer.

I don't agree.  That is not what the data shows. There are exceptional charter schools and exceptional traditional public schools.  But the data confirms that charter schools - on average - do not outperform traditional public schools.

That is now openly admitted - "Why Charter Schools Fail the Test" - N.Y. Times - May 4, 2010

One writer calls the film, "advocacy to the point of propaganda."  -  "a virtual PSA for charter schools in general". The film focuses on the New York Harlem Success Academies.

Like the charters in the film, Dallas ISD also has waiting lists at some of its most popular traditional schools of choice.